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"South Platte River Fishing" 

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South Platte Fly Shop

**Summer Hours**

Monday - Saturday :  8am-5pm
Sunday :  8am-4pm



Best fly Selection on the Front Range.

Over 5000 patterns and sizes to choose from.



ATTENTION ANGLERS: Beware of spawning fish. Look before you wade across the river in order to preserve the future generations of fish we love to catch. If you see two fish side by side above clean gravel they are most likely actively spawning and should not be fished to. If it seems too good to be true, chances are it is and you are looking at spawning fish.

See our latest reports for the Dream Stream, Deckers and 11 Mile Canyon.


The Browns are coming!!

Check our updated reports.

Pictures of Dream Browns.


If you would like a trip, call the shop on 719 - 686 -8990.

Check our updated reports.


Fly Fishing Classes

Further details here.


Fly Tying Classes

South Platte Fly Shop now offers fly tying classes all throughout the year.  The classes are $75/person, taught right here at our shop, and include 5 hours of personalized instruction.  There are further details here.

We provide all the equipment & materials, you simply show up! Usually, classes take place from 10am - 3pm, Monday through Saturday, but if this does not suit your schedule, please call the shop and we can coordinate alternative times. 

Whether you are a complete novice who has never placed a hook in a vise, or an intermediate who could use some helpful hints and refined skills, we can accommodate your instruction to best suit your needs.  Participants in our class also receive valuable discounts off all fly tying materials for one month after they take the course. 

Please contact the shop on 719 - 686 8990 with any further questions or to make your reservation.

last week

Our class room and a class in progress.


Ben's Blog

Ben Davis has joined us as a guide this year and is writing a blog for us.

You can read his blog here as well as email your questions to him.


Several clients have kindly allowed us to publish their


Where are we?

We are located on 405 E Highway 24 at Woodland Park, Colorado. You drive right past us on your way to the Dream Stream, 11 mile Canyon, Deckers, Cheesman Canyon and other sections of the great South Platte River System.

The easiest way to get to us is drive down I25 to Colorado Springs then take Highway 24 West to Woodland Park. It is about 15 miles. We are located right on the Highway just past McDonalds and Sonic. You can't miss us. Here is what the shop looks like.

We are a full service fly shop and outfitter with a complete range for equipment for all your fly fishing needs.

We are a division of Frying Pan Anglers based in Basalt Colorado with another store, The San Juan Angler in Durango.

We also provide South Platte River Fishing reports.

If you would like to take a guided fly fishing trip book a guided fly fishing trip with us.

Local Waters.

In addition to excellent South Platte River fly fishing we have great fishing in many local rivers, streams and lakes.

Flies and Equipment.

We have an excellent range of flies and equipment for your South Platte River fly fishing trip or any other excursion.

We have been adding some more information we hope you will find interesting. Check out the following:

Our list of flies.

Some great photos by Nick Williams of natural bugs as well has hatch matching photos.

In our retail store we carry a full range of fly fishing equipment and fly fishing supplies ideal for your South Platte River fly fishing experience. We have a detailed discussion of fly fishing equipment in these pages.

So if you are coming to the South Platte River fly fishing or are just visiting and haven't brought any equipment with you, never mind, we have all equipment necessary to make your South Platte River fly fishing journey most memorable.


"After the Fire"

Nick went into 11 Mile Canyon recently with his Camera to record the damage. Here are some photos.

Dream Stream Browns.